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2001 MLB Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball

2001 MLB Topps Traded and Rookies Baseball

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Topps Traded & Rookies
Product Year 2001
Box Style Hobby

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The 2001 Topps Traded product features a 265-card base set. The 2001 Topps Traded and the 2001 Topps Chrome Traded were combined and sold together. Each pack contained eight 2001 Topps Traded and two 2001 Topps Chrome Traded cards for a total of ten cards in each pack. The 265-card set is broken down as follows: 99 cards highlighting player deals made during the 2000 off-season and 2001 season; 60 future stars who have never appeared alone on a Topps card; 55 rookies who make their premiere on a Topps card; six managers (T145-T150) who've either switched teams or were newly hired for the 2001 season and 45 traded reprints (T100 through T144) of rookie cards featured in past Topps Traded sets.

24 packs per box, 10 cards per pack

Albert Pujols Chrome Traded Retrofractor #T247

Ichiro Suzuki Chrome Traded Retrofractor #T266

Albert Pujols Chrome #596

Ichiro Suzuki Chrome Traded #T266

Albert Pujols / Ichiro Suzuki Chrome Traded Rookie Card #T99

Albert Pujols Rookie Relics Bat #TTRRAP

Justin Mourneau Rookie Card #T235

Albert Pujols Rookie Card #T247

Topps Chrome (2 per pack)

Topps Chrome Refractors (1:12)

Topps Chrome Retrofractors ( /500)

Gold (1:3, /2001)

Autographs (1:626)

Dual Jersey Relics (1:376)

Farewell Dual Bat Relic (1:4693)

Hall of Fame Bat Relic (1:2796)

Relics (1:29)

Rookie Relics (1:91)

Who Would Have Thought (1:8)