2000 NFL Bowman’s Best Football

2000 NFL Bowman’s Best Football

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Bowman's Best
Product Year 2000
Box Style Hobby

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2000 Bowman's Best features a 150-card base set consisting of 90 veteran cards, 10 dual player Best Performer cards, and 50 rookies inserted at the rate of one in 11 and sequentially numbered to 1499.  Base cards are all refractive foil with a border along the top and full beed photography along the sides and bottom. 

24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack

Peyton Manning Acetate #17

Brian Urlacher Acetate #112

Peyton Manning Franchise 2000 #F11

Ricky Williams Franchise 2000 #F16

Shaun Alexander Rookie Card #101

Jerry Porter Rookie Card #105

Jamal Lewis Rookie Card #108

Brian Urlacher Rookie Card #112

Plaxico Burress Rookie Card #115

Chad Pennington Rookie Card #116

Laveranues Coles Rookie Card #126

Sebastian Janikowski Rookie Card #134

Rookies (1:11, /1499)

Acetate (1:22, /250)

Franchise 2000 (1:12)

Best Bets (1:19)

Year by Year (1:20)

Autographs (1:2935)

Rookie Autographs (1:83)

All-Pro Game Worn Jerseys (1:112)

Best of the Game Autographs (1:837)