1999 MLB Topps Chrome Baseball - Series 1

1999 MLB Topps Chrome Baseball - Series 1

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Topps Chrome
Product Year 1999
Sport Baseball
Series 1
Box Style Hobby

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The 1999 Topps Chrome set totaled 462 cards (is numbered to 463, card number 7 was not printed in honor of Mickey Mantle). The product was released in two series of 241 and 221 cards respectively.  For the second consecutive year, the Topps Chrome set is a full parallel of that year's Topps flagship baseball set.  Each base card his silver borders, differentiating them from the gold-bordered Topps set.  The card fronts feature action color player photos. The backs carry player information. The set contains the following subsets: Season Highlights (200-204), Prospects (205-212/425-437), Draft Picks (213-219/438-444), League Leaders (221-232), World Series (233-240), Strikeout Kings (445-449), All-Topps (450-460) and four Checklist Cards (241-242/462-463).

Just like with the 1999 Topps set, each series has a special base card with multiple variations commemorating Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa's 1998 season -- one for each home run the respective player hit. For Series 1, there are 70 different versions of McGwire's card #220, and for the Series 2, 66 versions of Sammy Sosa's #461. Individually, the production of each McGwire/Sosa is 1/70th and 1/66th, respectively, of any other base card; but collectively, are produced in the same quantity as the other base cards. A base set in considered complete with any one McGwire and Sosa.

24 packs per box, 4 cards per pack

Derek Jeter Early Road to the Hall Refractor #ER2

Alex Rodriquez Early Road to the Hall Refractor #ER3

Ken Griffey Jr. Early Road to the Hall Refractor #ER5

Ken Griffey Jr. Lord of the Diamond Refractor #LD1

Alex Rodriquez Lord of the Diamond Refractor #LD7

Derek Jeter New Breed Refractor #NB9

Alex Rodriquez New Breed Refractor #NB10

Pat Burrell Rookie Card #444

Refractors (1:12)

Early Road to the Hall (1:12)

Early Road to the Hall Refractor (1:944, /100)

Lords of the Diamond (1:8)

Lords of the Diamond Refractor (1:24)

New Breed (1:24)

New Breed Refractors (1:72)