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1998 NFL Topps Finest Football - Series 2
1998 NFL Topps Finest Football - Series 2

1998 NFL Topps Finest Football - Series 2

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Topps Finest
Product Year 1998
Series Series 2
Box Style Hobby

More Details

The 1998 Finest set was issued in two series totaling 270 cards. The fronts feature color action player photos printed on 29 pt. card stock, while the backs display player information. Series 1 contains the subset Rookies (121-150). The 120 cards in Series 2 (151-270) are organized by player position, each of which is identified by a different graphic.

Randomly inserted in both series one and two packs at a rate of one in 12, the 270-card Refractor parallel set was printed with the usual "Refractor" rainbow printing technology along with a thin plastic protector. Series 1 packs included cards #1-120 while Series 2 packs contained the rookies from Series 1 (#121-150) and all of the Series 2 cards. A No-Protector version of the refractors was also randomly inserted in Series 1 and 2 packs. Although there are slight differences in the appearance between both series, all No-Protector Refractors can be identified by the foil refractive printing on the card back.

24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

Peyton Manning Refractor #121

Randy Moss Refractor #135

Charles Woodson Refractor #142 

Tony Gonzalez Refractor #12

Peyton Manning No Protectors Refractor #121

Dan Marino Mystery 1 Refractor #M20

Jerry Rice Mystery 1 Refractor #M48

Brett Farve / Dan Marino Mystery 1 Refractor #M2

Peyton Manning Rookie Card #121

Brian Griese Rookie Card #122

Ahman Green Rookie Card #129

Randy Moss Rookie Card #135

Fred Taylor Rookie Card #141

Charles Woodson Rookie Card #142

Hines Ward Rookie Card #148

Ryan Leaf Rookie Card #150

Refractors (1:12)

Refractors (1:12)

Refractors (1:12)

No Protectors (1:2)

No Protectors Refractors (1:24)

Mystery Finest 2 (1:36)

Mystery Finest 2 Refractors (1:144)

  Future's Finest (#'d to 500)

  Future's Finest Refractors (#'d to 75)

Stadium Stars