1998 MLB Topps Finest Baseball - Series 1

1998 MLB Topps Finest Baseball - Series 1

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Topps Finest
Product Year 1998
Series Series 1
Box Style Hobby

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The 1998 Topps Finest baseball cards were released in two series totaling a 275-card set complete set. Series 1 contains cards 1-150 and series two contains cards 151-275. Each card features action color player photos printed on 26 pt. card stock with each position identified by a different card design. The backs carry player information and career statistics.

24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

Ken Girffey Jr. Power Zone #P1

Ken Girffey Jr. Centurion Refractor #C4

Alex Rodriguez Centurion Refractor #C13

Barry Bonds Power Zone #P6

Mark McGuire Power Zone #P7

Rich Loiselle Rookie Card #47

Refractors (1:12)

Refractors (1:12)

Refractors (1:12)

No Protectors (1:2)

No Protectors Refractors (1:24)

Mystery Finest 1 (1:36)

Mystery Finest 1 Refractors (1:144)

  Centurions (1:153, /500)

Centurions Refractors (1:1020, /75)

Power Zone (1:72)