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1998-99 NHL O Pee Chee Chrome Hockey
1998-99 NHL O Pee Chee Chrome Hockey

1998-99 NHL O Pee Chee Chrome Hockey

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Product Year 1998-99
Box Style Hobby

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1998-99 O Pee Chee Chrome Hockey is a collection of 242 cards, commemorating the thrilling moments of the 1998-99 season and paying homage to the golden era of the NHL. Step into a time capsule of hockey history and immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the late 90s, a golden era for hockey enthusiasts and card collectors alike. This meticulously preserved box promises an exhilarating journey back to the days when legends were born and the ice rink was a canvas of magic.

🌟 The Ultimate Chase: Embark on a quest that has intrigued collectors for decades – the pursuit of the elusive Wayne Gretzky Chrome Refractor Card. With only a limited number ever produced, this gleaming gem encapsulates the essence of hockey greatness. Will you be the one to claim this prized possession?
🎨 Refractors: The Art of Hockey: Delight in the mesmerizing refractor technology that adorned these cards. The luminous shine captures the essence of the ice, mirroring the play of light on frozen water. These cards aren't just collectibles; they're masterpieces that pay homage to the sport's aesthetic beauty.
🎁 Perfect for Collectors: Whether you're a seasoned collector with an impressive array of hockey cards or a newcomer looking to start your collection, this box is a must-have addition. It's a chance to relive the glory days of the NHL and celebrate the players who defined an era.

24 packs per box, 4 cards per pack

Wayne Gretzky Chrome Refractor Card

Mario Lemieux Chrome Refractor Card

Jaromir Jagr Chrome Card

Scott Gomez Rookie Card #232

Brad Stuart Rookie Card #228

Jonathan Cheechoo Rookie Card #220

Blast From the Past (1:28)

Blast From the Past Refractors (1:112)

Board Members (1:12)

Board Members Refractors (1:36)

Season's Best (1:8) 

Season's Best Refractors (1:24)

Parallel Set - Refractors (1:12)