1998-99 NBA Topps Finest Basketball Series 2 - Gold Box

1998-99 NBA Topps Finest Basketball Series 2 - Gold Box

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Topps Finest
Product Year 1998-99
Series Series 2
Box Style Gold Box - HTA

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The 1998-99 Topps Finest set was released in two series with each containing 125 cards for a total of 250. This year's edition featured a thicker 29-point stock and a base set organized by position, with each position identified by a different graphic.

12 packs per box, 13 cards per pack

Kobe Bryant Double Sided Refractor #175

Kobe Bryant Arena Stars #AS5

Tim Duncan Court Control Refractor #CC3

Vince Carter Court Control Refractor #CC14

Paul Pierce Court Control Refractor #CC17

Vince Carter Refractor #230

Dirk Nowitzki Refractor #234

Jason Williams Refractor #232

Mike Bibby Rookie Card #227

Antawn Jamison Rookie Card #229

Vince Carter Rookie Card #230

Jason Willams Rookie Card #232

Dirk Nowitzki Rookie Card #234

Paul Pierce Rookie Card #235

No-Protector (1:4)

No-Protector Refractor (1:24)

Arena Stars (1:48)

Court Control (1:76, /750)

Court Control Refractor (1:379, /150)