1997 MLB Bowman’s Best Baseball

1997 MLB Bowman’s Best Baseball

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Bowman's Best
Product Year 1997
Box Style Hobby

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The 1997 Bowman's Best set (produced by Topps) was issued in one series totaling 200 cards. The fronts feature borderless color player photos printed on chromium card stock. The cards of the 100 current veteran stars display a classic gold design while the cards of the 100 top prospects carry a sleek silver design.

24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

Adrian Beltre Atomic Refractor #117

Roy Halladay Atomic Refractor #134

Ken Griffey Jr. Best Cuts Atomic Refractor #BC6

Miguel Tejada Rookie Card #114

Adrian Beltre Rookie Card #117

Roy Halladay Rookie Card #134

Fernando Tatis Rookie Card #145

Kerry Wood Rookie Card #154

Jose Cruz Jr. Rookie Card #188 

Refractors (1:12)

Atomic Refractors (1:24)

Autographs (1:170)

Autographs Refractor (1:2036)

Autographs Atomic Refractor (1:6107)

Best Cuts (1:24)

Best Cuts Refractor (1:48)

Best Cuts Atomic Refractor (1:96)

Mirror Image (1:48)

Mirror Image Refractor (1:96)

Mirror Image Atomic Refractor (1:192)

Mirror Image Inverted (1:48)

Mirror Image Inverted Refractor (1:96)

Mirror Image Inverted Atomic Refractor (1:192)