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1995-96 NBA Topps Finest Basketball - Series 2

1995-96 NBA Topps Finest Basketball - Series 2

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Topps Finest
Product Year 1995-96
Series Series 2
Box Style Retail

More Details

1995-96 Topps Finest Basketball is divided into two series for a combined 251-card set. The first run has 140 cards while Series 2 is limited to 112 cards.  While Series 1 contains most of the notable rookies of the season, Series 2 contains Michael Jordan.

As with all Topps Finest releases, Refractors lead the parallel chase.  In terms of the inserts, Mystery is a 44-card set that is split between both series. Inserted one per pack, they're more common than the base cards. Series 2 takes a traditional structure with Silver and Gold parallels along with Bronze inserts.

All 1995-96 Topps Finest Basketball cards come with a clear protective peel. The idea was that they would protect the surfaces, which were prone to scratching. Today, many cards still have the peel, even though it makes the card less attractive as the labels run diagonally throughout the card. Taking the peels off can be risky as it requires picking at the edges. They can be removed without damaging the card, but it is a risk many collectors aren't willing to take, especially with more valuable cards.

24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack

Michael Jordan #229

Michael Jordan Refractor #229

Jordan/Caffey Rookie/Veteran #RV-20

Garnett/Gugliotta Rookie/Veteran #RV-5

Anfernee Hardaway Refractor #234

David Robinson Refractor #245

Magic Johnson Refractor #252

Sasha Danilovic Rookie Card #216

Refractors (1:12)

Mystery Set - Silver and Gold Borders (1:1)

Rack Pack (1:72)

Veteran/Rookie Set (1:24)